About Christ Church

All ages celebrating together

We seek to be an open, inter-generational community...

Welcoming people arriving at Christ Church

...hospitable, welcoming and accepting...

Greetings after a service at a church in Kenya

...committed to the worship and service of God, wherever in the world that may take us

From time to time we arrange a newcomers' evening to explain a bit more about ourselves and to help everyone who joins us to work out where they fit in. If you're fairly new to Christ Church, don't be shy about asking for an invitation to the next one.


Christ Church is a community of people who are growing in our faith as Christians and seeking to let Jesus transform our lives as we worship and serve together.

We are an Anglican church (even if we don't look much like one), sharing the historic Christian belief that through Jesus our broken relationships - with God and with each other - can be restored.

We've thought a lot about our purpose in being here. What are the things that really matter to us? Some of the answers are on our Vision and Values page. We aim to demonstrate those values and to learn together how to live out our faith in everyday life.

There's more information about us in an introductory booklet in our entrance hall, and you're always welcome to contact us if you have any specific queries.

Ways to meet us

Our Sunday services are informal and, as far as we can make them, accessible to visitors (as are all our events). Also recommended are the monthly Messy Church, which is especially suitable for families, and Coffee Mates on Friday mornings.

Ways to follow us

Our notice sheets and sermon recordings are available for download. Both are usually produced weekly.

There's more news on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and news blog.


Decorating the cross outside our building with flowers at Easter

Many hands... lots of people are involved in different ways at Christ Church

Our former vicar, Geoff Lanham, moved on in July 2019 after 10 years' service at Christ Church.

A Vacancy Team is currently managing the running of the church and also leading the process of appointing a new vicar. We are grateful for our lay readers, retired clergy, staff members and others who preach, lead services, manage our facilities and lead in specific areas of church life.

Christ Church is a place where everyone can be involved. We're grateful for the huge number of volunteers who offer their skills to serve in practical ways. Many of these activities are carried out in teams which makes them more enjoyable and easier to learn.

Above all, we value people for who they are rather than what they do, and this is a place where friendship and relationship go hand in hand with committed service.

Our story

A colour leaflet announcing our new name

The latest news... from 2004

Christ Church dates back to 2008, when our present building was opened. Or possibly to 2004, when it became an independent parish within the Church of England. Maybe to 1977, when regular Sunday services began in the previous building. Or perhaps even to 1928, when that building was opened as a church hall.

Those are some of the key dates, but what really count are the decisions made by people with vision and commitment in former decades, and God working through all that time to bring about the community we know today.

There's more information on the Our Story page.

Giving and finance

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The above link tells you how you can help Christ Church when shopping online, for no extra cost

Christ Church is funded almost entirely by voluntary donations. There's some information about where we get our money from, and how we use it, on our Giving and finance page. We see giving of both time and money as part of a whole-life Christian commitment.

For more detail about our finances, pick up a leaflet from the church entrance hall which explains ways in which members can make regular contributions if they wish to.

Policies and procedures

The documents listed below are all available for download in PDF format.

Privacy Notice (May 2018)
How we collect and process personal data (GDPR compliant)
Room hire policy (March 2018)
Safeguarding policy (March 2017)
How we protect vulnerable adults and children