Art Group Exhibition

Sunset over sea and rocks

"Sunset" by Jenny (Watercolour)

A woodland scene in impressionist style

"Woodland" by Angela (Acrylic)

Abstract, in red and blue colours

"Sunset" by Gloria (Mixed media)

Colours in the sky

"Sunburst" by Eileen (Acrylic)

Colourful flowers and insects

"Summer" by Sally (Mixed media)

Two cartoon-style cats

Detail from "Cool for Cats" by Lyn (Acrylic)

Children at a fruit stall with adults around

Detail from "Market Day" by Steph (Acrylic)

Abstract of sunshine

"Sunburst" by Margaret (Collage)

Outline of a black cat's head

"Shadow" by Brenda (Pastel)

Stars and trails in an artificially-coloured sky

"Catch a Falling Star" by Janet (Mixed media)

A man pushing a young child on a bike

"Don't Let Go" by Annie (Acrylic, in the style of Alex Millar)