Birmingham Diocese/Christ Church Visit to Bolivia 2013

Team talk

The team: who's going to Bolivia

The 12-strong group going to Bolivia is led by our vicar Geoff Lanham. Before joining Christ Church in 2009 Geoff spent several years establishing and building up a new church in the centre of Birmingham.

Chris Turner and Matt Churchouse both preach and lead services in Christ Church. Chris served as vicar of 4 other churches (2 of them in Birmingham) before joining Christ Church in retirement.

Beccy is looking forward to renewing some of the friendships she made on her visit to Bolivia in 2011. Other experienced South America "hands" are Maurice and Gill Sinclair who spent some years across the border in Northern Argentina, where Maurice served as Bishop.

Also going to Bolivia are Emily, Margaret, Mary, Miriam, Phil and Sarah. Completing the team is project manager Mick who will provide home-based support.

Emily spoke about some of the opportunities and challenges of the trip when she was interviewed in a Sunday service. You can listen to the interview using the link below.

The team's interests and experience are wide-ranging: music, international students, prayer ministry, work with children, and many decades (between them) of committed involvement in Christ Church and other local churches. Their collective work experience includes nursing, language teaching (not Spanish, unfortunately!), engineering, administration, disability support and study.

“I hope that we can get to show them that we're all connected... even though we're so far away we still have the same thing in common” - Sarah
Chris Turner

Chris Turner

Matt Churchouse

Matt Churchouse

“I hope to be able to leave a little bit of Christ Church behind in Bolivia when we return” - Margaret
Bolivia team members

It's an all age team!

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