Children and young people

Children at the centre

Looking down on a colouring activity

Small hands, big ideas: A bird's eye view

There are no children's groups at All Age services, normally on the first Sunday in each month, when all age groups stay in the main service together.

Activities for children and toddlers have been run on our Pershore Road site for several decades. It's how Christ Church began, and providing more space for our children's groups was one of the main reasons for putting up a new building.

During most Sunday services there is a point when children and their leaders are invited to leave “for their own activities”. The groups are:

  • Scramblers covers the age range from 3 to 5
  • FLAG (Fun Learning About God) continues up to age 11
  • The Revive youth group (ages 11-14) also meets during Sunday morning services

A crèche is available for very young children, but we can't promise to staff it every week and you may need to stay with your child.

Our youth groups

Washing cars

Teamwork: All ages working together at a fundraising car wash

  • Revive (ages 11-14) meets during Sunday morning services and for a midweek Games Night
  • Reloaded (ages 14-18) meets on Sunday evenings

As well as involvement in these goups, young people make a major contribution to the life of Christ Church: taking part in services, building links with Christians around the world and promoting issues that we might otherwise ignore.

Soul Survivor: Challenge and change

A large group of young people

The now-traditional "ice cream photo" at Soul Survivor 2012

A large group from Christ Church attends this annual Christian youth festival each year. These events have had a huge impact, extending to the whole church and beyond.

A hand and wrist with several wristbands

Wristbands sold at Soul Survivor help to fund campaigns against human trafficking

Soul Survivor features many seminars and exhibition stalls focusing on various needs around the world. Back in 2010, in response to child poverty, the Reloaded group decided to sponsor a child in Tanzania, one of the world's poorest countries, to help pay for her food and education. No-one ever imagined that some members of the group would one day get to meet that child and her family on their Youth Encounter trip to East Africa.

Worship at Soul Survivor

Worship at Soul Survivor

Young people collecting water from a tap in a field

Water: essential for cooking, washing and water fights

Another outcome of Soul Survivor was a commitment to read the whole Bible in a year, a challenge which was taken up by the rest of the church a few months later.

“Soul Survivor challenged the way that we live. It made us think about where our clothes come from and how we can help make Fairtrade clothing as common as Fairtrade coffee is today.” Ellen

Toddler Club

Christ Church Baby and Toddler Group runs two sessions a week, on Mondays and Thursdays from 10.00 to 11:30 am during school term times. It's for children aged 0-4 and their parents, grandparents and carers.

Sessions cost £1.80 for one child and 90p for each additional child.

Enjoying a refreshment break

Activities include a short story, singing session and refreshments

Playing outside

We have a safe outdoor space for good weather... and lots of indoor equipment for use all year round

Playing on an indoor slide

Baptism and Holy Communion

In the pool after being baptised

A watery but happy welcome for one of our newly-baptised younger members

The historic practice of the Anglican Church (and many others) is to baptise young children of parents who intend to bring them up in the Christian faith. Some parents prefer a service of dedication for their young children, who may then be baptised when they are old enough to choose this for themselves. At Christ Church we are happy to follow either practice.

Children who have been baptised and gone through a programme of preparation are able to join with adults in receiving Holy Communion.