Community action

Summer Drop-In

Each summer we open our building on a few days during August - when many regular activities take a break - to provide company for adults and play for children. We ran 3 sessions in 2019 and they were as enjoyable as ever.

Craft activity: Making woolly sheep


Play and conversation

Play and conversation

Trays of cakes

Non-stop catering: we provide cakes and drinks, and recommend you bring a packed lunch

Playing a Wii game

Lively sporting action

Playing pool

Some people prefer quieter games

“Laid-back, safe and friendly atmosphere... it's perfect for what we need in the holidays”
Standing on a chair to play table football

Not too small to join in

Cakes served at the kitchen hatch

Kitchen heroes!

A woven bracelet

Crafts to take home

“It was great to see all ages represented and getting along together - a really nice atmosphere... I appreciated the friendliness of people”

Coffee Mates

Coffee Mates runs on Friday mornings from 10.30 to noon during school term times, and provides a friendly, café-style atmosphere for anyone to meet and chat. Tea, coffee, toast, cakes and teacakes are all available.

Graphic to publicise Coffee Mates

Publicity for Coffee Mates

Debt advice

In partnership with 5 other local churches and with award-winning national charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP), we run a centre to offer advice and support to people in South Birmingham who are struggling with unmanageable debt.

Graphic to publicise Coffee Mates

Centre Manager Judy Ward at the launch of our CAP Centre in 2015

The primary objective of the Centre is to help clients to get out of debt, and many have done so since its launch in 2015. It's also our privilege to walk alongside clients on their journey, providing emotional and prayer support and doing what we can to make them feel, in a positive way, special.

If you are burdened with debt, our advice is simple: get in touch with CAP here!

Bags of Christmas goodies

Christmas hampers to be donated to CAP clients

Lunch Club: New leaders, same care

Phil and Beryl Ennis

The Christ Church Lunch Club has a long tradition of providing friendship, community and a high-quality meal for a group of over 20 older people each week. Some 2 years after joining the team of helpers, Phil and Beryl Ennis took on the responsibility of leadership.

Find out more on our Lunch Club page.

Recycling point

After several years of operation we decided to discontinue our recycling point, which had been located in our entrance hall for several years, in September 2019. There has been a dramatic expansion of recycling facilities across the area in the last few years, with retailers now taking back items such as used batteries, and some of the materials we were still collecting are potentially hazardous. Christ Church remains fully committed to care for the environment and we are actively pursuing many other initiatives towards that goal.

Eco Church

Installing a bird box

Fitting birdboxes to make our site more wildlife friendly

Making plastic eco bricks

Making eco bricks to put non-recyclable plastic to constructive use

Having received an Eco-Congregation Award back in 2012, Christ Church has now joined the successor Eco Church scheme run by A Rocha UK. The aim of the scheme is to encourage churches and their members to play their full part in caring for creation - in our buildings and use of land, worship and teaching, community engagement and personal lifestyles.

One of our first aims was to make our site - small though it is in comparison with a traditional churchyard - more wildlife friendly, especially by a programme of planting to encourage insects. In June 2019 we held a special All-In Eco service where the congregation joined in some of the gardening work and also made "eco bricks" as a way of using up non-recyclable plastic.

We were encouraged to receive an Eco Church Bronze Award in the summer of 2019, but this is a long term journey and we have much further to go yet.

Eco Church Bronze Award
Digging up part of our front land

Starting to convert some of the grass at the front of our building into a planted garden area