Community survey

In order to help determine our future priorities, members of Christ Church carried out a community survey during June 2011. A set of roads representing a broad cross-section of the area was selected for the survey.

A brief doorstep interview was conducted at each household. Responses were grouped by road but were otherwise anonymous.

The total number of responses was 163, representing more than 5% of the households in the parish.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, either by asking or answering questions.

A residential road in Selly Park

Beautiful Selly Park... how do people feel about living here?

Questions and answers...

How long have you lived in the area?

  • 15%  1 year or less
  • 37%  between 1 and 10 years
  • 48%  10 years or longer

What is your employment status?

  • 50%  employed or self employed
  • 13%  student
  • 6%   unemployed
  • 28%  retired

What do you like most about living in the area?

  • 44%  the convenience of living close to transport links, shops, the park
  • 33%  a pleasant and peaceful place to live
  • 31%  the park and green spaces
  • 22%  good neighbours and the community feel

Some people gave more than one reply

How do you rate the sense of community?

  • 10%  1 (lowest)
  • 13%  2
  • 20%  3
  • 29%  4
  • 16%  5
  • 6%   6 (highest)

What causes you most concern about living in the local area?

  • 29%  nothing
  • 21%  issues to do with traffic and parking
  • 16%  neglectful landlords particularly in student accommodation
  • 12%  litter and fly tipping
  • 10%  crime
  • 10%  noisy pub disturbance
  • 8%   commented on the neglect of front gardens

What facility currently lacking in the area would make life better?

40% of respondents couldn't think of anything. A small number of people mentioned:

  • swimming baths
  • more independent shops (grocery, hairdressers etc)
  • more facilities for children
  • better leisure facilities for children
  • transport improvements

What would you most like to change about the local area?

  • 36%  nothing
  • 14%  traffic
  • 10%  more community spirit or activities
  • 9%   rubbish

What would you like to see Christ Church do to improve the area?

57% had no suggestions.

Suggestions that were made included:

  • publicising what we do more widely
  • more community events
  • litter picking
  • activities for youth
  • helping build community spirit