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June Messy Church

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Messy Church: Who is God?

If you want to find out what an artist is like, you can learn something by looking at what they have made. In the same way, the majesty, beauty and immensity of the universe tell us something about the God who is behind it all.

At Messy Church we got creative ourselves in response to these words:

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19
A snail balloon

Arif made this wonderful snail balloon... and the person holding it is even more amazing

Making our own Earth

Making our own Earth

Making a plaque

Making a decorated plaque...

A completed plaque hold a Bible verse

Star biscuits

Star biscuits, with star decorations

Jupiter mosaic

The giant planet Jupiter has coloured bands around its globe

Colouring in a picture of Saturn

Colouring a picture of Saturn with its beautiful rings

Mosaic of a galaxy

A whole galaxy (low resolution version): the galaxy in which we live contains at least 100 billion stars

Messy Church: A new start

The story of the Ark is one of hope. It reminds us that God wants life to flourish on the earth, and the rainbow is a symbol of his faithfulness and promises.

At our first Messy Church after a long winter break we made lots of animals - some inflatable, some edible! We worked together to colour in a giant rainbow and we acted out the story of the Ark.

An animal mask
Animal biscuits

Animal shaped biscuits, coated with lots of gooey icing

A balloon butterfly

Balloon animals to hold...

A balloon swan

...and to float

Making painted handprints on paper... it's called Messy Church for a reason

Making painted handprints on paper
Making painted handprints on paper

Origami boats

Origami boats, stackable in a way that the Ark wasn't

Colouring in a rainbow

Colouring in a rainbow: a reminder of God's promise never to destroy life on the earth

Rachel introduces the celebration time, which included a re-enactment of the story of the Ark

Rachel introduces the celebration time
Acting out the story of the Ark

A birthday cake with candles

It was a special birthday for team member Richard, who shared his cake with the rest of us

Enjoying a piece of birthday cake

Messy Church: Christmas

Our craft activities in December focused on Christmas, making decorations, pictures and models to remind us of the season and the birth of Jesus that we celebrate.

That was followed by a Christingle celebration, recalling God's goodness in creation, his love in sending Jesus to rescue us and the light which he brings into our dark world.

A model of a stable made from lollipop sticks

Nativity scene

Christingle candle and face

Christingle celebration

Christingle candle and faces
A paper donkey cutout

Little, paper donkey!

A Christmas tree biscuit

A very well decorated edible Christmas tree

Rachel wearing a Christmas jumper

A warm Christmas welcome from Rachel

Making a decoration with marbling paint

Making a decoration with marbling paint

Message on a star: Jesus is the reason for the season

A reminder that Jesus is the reason for the season

Messy Church: Sharing

Finding out which countries our food comes from

Where does our food come from? All around the world!

Finding out which countries our food comes from Pretend sausages and peas

You wouldn't really want to eat these... they're made of Playdough

Taking photos on an iPad

We welcomed guests visiting from Bolivia, some wearing regional costume

When a small boy offered his packed lunch of five loaves and two fish he never imagined that Jesus would use it to feed 5,000 people with plenty left over. We used that story to learn about sharing, to think about where our food comes from and how to get it to those who need it most.

Colouring in a banner

We worked together to make a banner telling the story

Part of the completed sharing banner
Decorating baskets

Decorating baskets containing "loaves" and "fish"

Colouring in

Colouring in a cross

A piece of bread

Bread was a staple food in Jesus' time, and it still is for millions today

Putting food in our Foodbank box

We have a box for collecting food which goes to the B30 Foodbank and then on to some very needy local families

Praying with Haribo

Rachel used Haribo to inspire our prayers

Messy Church: Money matters

Decorating a giving box

Decorating a giving box, perhaps a bit like the one the poor widow put her coins into

Money Matters colouring sheet

The Money Matters colouring sheet: beautifully designed, brilliantly coloured

Jesus once saw a poor widow put a couple of coins into the collection box at the Temple. He said that she was more generous even than rich people who put in large amounts of money, because the rich people were keeping so much back for themselves. Money really does matter, because the way we handle it shows up what's in our hearts.

Money Matters colouring sheet
Sharing playdough

Sharing playdough

Buying, selling and handling money in our corner shop

Buying, selling and handling money in our busy corner shop

Engraving coins
Engraving coins

Making money - or something that looks like it, by engraving coins

Playing tiddlywinks

While some were on their second childhood, there was still time to talk to those who are enjoying their first

Talking over a game of tiddlywinks
Making peppermint coins

Making peppermint coins

A birthday cake

We had a fine example of generosity when a birthday girl shared her special day and her birthday cake with us

Messy Church: Healthy body, healthy soul

Our model human, made out of sticks, plates and other parts

We made a model "human" out of... whatever we could find! It's a good thing real people are stuck together with more than Sellotape

A heavily bandaged face... fortunately only pretend

Medical staff were in attendance: fortunately all the "injuries" were pretend

Making a balloon powered racing car

Our bodies need energy to make them work: this racing car will be powered by a balloon

The Bible talks about the worldwide Christian church as being like a body. Every part is important and has a special purpose, and if one part is hurting, everyone feels it. We were also thinking about looking after our own bodies and keeping them healthy.

Drawing the face of our model human

Drawing the face of our model "human"

Blowing up a balloon

Our racing cars were powered by balloon energy. They went a long way but were hard to steer

Painting clay crosses
Painting clay crosses

Some of us painted the clay crosses we made last month

Making fruit... out of icing

It's hard to beat fruit for healthy eating... though ours was actually made out of icing

Bodies made out of spaghetti and marshmallows

We had a competition to make the best "body" out of spaghetti and marshmallows

Lots of feet standing on an outline of a body

We stood on a drawing of a body to remember that every part needs all the rest

A row of Union flags

Messy Church took place on the weekend of the Queen's 90th birthday celebration