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Messy Church: Remembering

November 11 is a day when many people reflect on war and of the terrible human cost it brings. At Messy Church we thought about the barriers that divide people and how we can help to break them down.

Right: Thinking differently! Poppies in non-traditional colours

Extra colourful poppies
Megan leads a memory game

How good are you at remembering? Megan tested us with Kim's Game

A poppy cake

We made poppy cakes, with icing in more traditional colours

Building a peace bridge out of cardboard boxes
Building a peace bridge out of cardboard boxes

We made peace bridges to build links between people divided by a "river"... never mind that some of the bridges were a bit unstable

Building a peace bridge out of cardboard boxes

Rachel explained why we remember the past at this time of year

Rachel talking in front of a screen
Singing with actions

Our song reminded us what overcomes war and division: L-O-V-E!

Brightly coloured veg

Thank you to the Christ Church home group who supplied us with wonderful food afterwards


Messy Church: Puppet tales

At Messy Church in June we welcomed Maggie the puppeteer who told us a wonderful story about caring and forgiveness. We made and played with puppets of our own and joined in a time of celebration of God's love.

Right: Maggie giving her puppet show. A dog buries a bone under a tree and damages it, making the owner cross. Can they be friends again?

Maggie giving her puppet show
Maggie giving her puppet show

After the show, we discussed the meaning of the story. What does it mean to forgive and to be forgiven?

Maggie explains the meaning of the story
Making puppets
Making puppets

We made puppets and figures of different kinds

A puppet theatre

Making a puppet theatre

Playing with puppets

It's time for my show!

More artistry through colouring

A coloured bookmark
Planting a seed

A different kind of creativity... planting a seed

Joining in an action song


Messy Church: Who is God?

If you want to find out what an artist is like, you can learn something by looking at what they have made. In the same way, the majesty, beauty and immensity of the universe tell us something about the God who is behind it all.

At Messy Church we got creative ourselves in response to these words:

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of his hands.”
Psalm 19
A snail balloon

Arif made this wonderful snail balloon... and the person holding it is even more amazing

Making our own Earth

Making our own Earth

Making a plaque

Making a decorated plaque...

A completed plaque hold a Bible verse

Star biscuits

Star biscuits, with star decorations

Jupiter mosaic

The giant planet Jupiter has coloured bands around its globe

Colouring in a picture of Saturn

Colouring a picture of Saturn with its beautiful rings

Mosaic of a galaxy

A whole galaxy (low resolution version): the galaxy in which we live contains at least 100 billion stars

Messy Church: A new start

The story of the Ark is one of hope. It reminds us that God wants life to flourish on the earth, and the rainbow is a symbol of his faithfulness and promises.

At our first Messy Church after a long winter break we made lots of animals - some inflatable, some edible! We worked together to colour in a giant rainbow and we acted out the story of the Ark.

An animal mask
Animal biscuits

Animal shaped biscuits, coated with lots of gooey icing

A balloon butterfly

Balloon animals to hold...

A balloon swan

...and to float

Making painted handprints on paper... it's called Messy Church for a reason

Making painted handprints on paper
Making painted handprints on paper

Origami boats

Origami boats, stackable in a way that the Ark wasn't

Colouring in a rainbow

Colouring in a rainbow: a reminder of God's promise never to destroy life on the earth

Rachel introduces the celebration time, which included a re-enactment of the story of the Ark

Rachel introduces the celebration time
Acting out the story of the Ark

A birthday cake with candles

It was a special birthday for team member Richard, who shared his cake with the rest of us

Enjoying a piece of birthday cake

Messy Church: Christmas

Our craft activities in December focused on Christmas, making decorations, pictures and models to remind us of the season and the birth of Jesus that we celebrate.

That was followed by a Christingle celebration, recalling God's goodness in creation, his love in sending Jesus to rescue us and the light which he brings into our dark world.

A model of a stable made from lollipop sticks

Nativity scene

Christingle candle and face

Christingle celebration

Christingle candle and faces
A paper donkey cutout

Little, paper donkey!

A Christmas tree biscuit

A very well decorated edible Christmas tree

Rachel wearing a Christmas jumper

A warm Christmas welcome from Rachel

Making a decoration with marbling paint

Making a decoration with marbling paint

Message on a star: Jesus is the reason for the season

A reminder that Jesus is the reason for the season