Messy Church

At Messy Church during 2019 we learned that God can work through the most unlikely people and situations. If you were planning to build a nation, would you start with someone like Joseph, who boasted about his dreams so much that his brothers hated him? What could you do with someone like Moses, who just wanted a quiet life far away from everyone else? Surely you can't conquer a fortress city just by marching around it?

Blowing paint bubbles

Blowing paint-filled bubbles: we used these to "paint" Joseph's dreams

Wearing soldier helmets

Pharaoh's army gets ready to chase the fleeing Israelites

Playing in a pyramid

The people of Israel suffered great hardship in Egypt... though these two don't seem to be doing too badly

A pile of boxes comes tumbling down

Demolishing the walls of Jericho (a practice run)

Rachel in front of a screen advertising this month's Messy Church

Rachel introduces this month's theme

Footstep shapes cut out from maps

Footsteps: At Easter we walked with a mysterious stranger along the road to Emmaus

All ages working together to paint a cardboard stable

All ages working together at Christmas

Discussion over craft

Craft and conversation

Hand painting with green paint

It's called Messy Church for a reason...

Sitting at a laptop

The tech team is ready for the Celebration time

Holly leads a game

Holly leads us in a game

Playing a guitar

Celebration time

Food on a table

We always end with a meal together: hospitality is an important part of Messy Church