Messy Church

Messy Church and coronavirus

To our great regret we are unable to run Messy Church in the normal way with our building currently closed. We're starting to arrange online meetups for Messy Church attenders and helpers.

The remainder of this page describes how we operate in normal times though we are aware that "normal" may be different in the future.

Building God's people

At Messy Church during 2019 we learned that God can work through the most unlikely people and situations. If you were planning to build a nation, would you start with someone like Joseph, who boasted about his dreams so much that his brothers hated him? What could you do with someone like Moses, who just wanted a quiet life far away from everyone else? Surely you can't conquer a fortress city just by marching around it?

Blowing paint bubbles

Blowing paint-filled bubbles: we used these to "paint" Joseph's dreams

Wearing soldier helmets

Pharaoh's army gets ready to chase the fleeing Israelites

Playing in a pyramid

The people of Israel suffered great hardship in Egypt... though these two don't seem to be doing too badly

A pile of boxes comes tumbling down

Demolishing the walls of Jericho (a practice run)

Rachel in front of a screen advertising this month's Messy Church

Rachel introduces this month's theme

Footstep shapes cut out from maps

Footsteps: At Easter we walked with a mysterious stranger along the road to Emmaus

All ages working together to paint a cardboard stable

All ages working together at Christmas

Discussion over craft

Craft and conversation

Hand painting with green paint

It's called Messy Church for a reason...

Sitting at a laptop

The tech team is ready for the Celebration time

Holly leads a game

Holly leads us in a game

Playing a guitar

Celebration time

Food on a table

We always end with a meal together: hospitality is an important part of Messy Church