Sunday services

Morning services

People arriving at a service

Welcome to Christ Church! If you've not been to this (or any) church before we'll help you to find your way around

Our main weekly celebration is intended for families and individuals across the whole age range.

Children and young people (up to age 14) normally leave the main service after a quarter of an hour or so to join their own groups. Children of visitors are welcome to join in with these activities.

Adults stay in the main hall for the whole service. This will include praise (especially through music), a Bible reading, a talk (sermon), prayer, and maybe much more. Somehow no two services are ever the same.

Aerial view of the main hall with people gathered for the service

The morning service is just beginning. We start together in the main hall, then the children's groups spread throughout the building

All Age and All In services

On one Sunday each month (usually the first Sunday) the activities are planned to be particularly accessible to people of all ages. Adults and children join in worship together.

The All In service is based on the idea that people respond to themes in different ways. Some of us like to talk, some prefer a creative activity, some like to move around, and so on. For part of the time we move into different zones around the building according to personal preference, not age. We held our first All In service in February 2017, and there's a report here.

Working together to make a collage in response to God's love

Create zone: Working together in an All In service to make a collage in response to God's love

Evening services

Evening services are held in the more intimate surroundings of the smaller hall, which makes for a more reflective atmosphere. We use a range of service formats, recognising that people have different ways of responding to God.

People standing to sing in worship

Worship during an evening service

Café Church

Held a few times a year, Café Church is a way of exploring topical issues through interviews, videos and discussions. We meet around café-style tables, with coffee, tea and cakes on hand.

An interview during a Café Church session

We've used Café Church to explore asylum issues, relating to Muslims, the EU, the Persecuted Church and much more

It's not just talk! A Café Church session on climate change started us on the road to becoming an Eco Congregation, and following a session on dementia we started running short monthly services in Neville Williams House, which provides care for people with dementia.