Weekend Away

David Lee

Canon David Lee will be leading our 2018 Away Day

David is passionate about seeing churches transformed by the Spirit of God, having spent over 30 years in ministry encouraging mission in East Africa, Birmingham and Yorkshire. He knows that transformation is hard, even for those who have been following Jesus for many years.

Away Day 2018

Saturday 15 September
9.30 - 5.00 pm
At Holy Trinity Church, Lickey
Cost: Free!

When Jesus' followers went out with him each day, they never knew what to expect. Maybe he would heal someone, or he might say something that would help them to see God, the world or themselves in a new way. Life with Jesus was an adventure... but what about us, his followers today?

That's the theme we'll be exploring with Canon David Lee. There will be parallel sessions for children and young people. The day will also include an opportunity to walk in the Lickeys, play games or enjoy creative activities.

The day is free of charge, but please bring your own lunch (we'll provide tea and coffee). It would be a great help to let us know that you're coming. If you haven't already signed up at a Sunday service, please contact the office.

John McGinley, the speaker at our 2015 Weekend Away

John McGinley, the speaker at our 2015 Weekend Away, introduces the theme

Weekend Away 2015

We returned to Whitemoor Lakes in Staffordshire for our Weekend Away in October 2015. Over 120 members and friends of Christ Church enjoyed the surroundings and a wide range of activities and grew in our relationships with each other and with God.

We welcomed John McGinley, who is Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Leicester as our speaker. He encouraged us to get out of the boat: to face up to our fears and follow Jesus wherever he calls us.

There's a report on the weekend here.

Adrian Beavis, the speaker at our 2013 Weekend Away

Adrian being interviewed by Geoff

“I had a sense that God was calling me to a greater maturity in Christ”

Weekend Away 2013

This Weekend Away was held from 4-6 October 2013 at Whitemoor Lakes in Staffordshire.

The weekend was led by Adrian Beavis, who is Vicar of St Luke's Church, Redcliffe Gardens, West London. He challenged us to be surprised by God about what he is able to make us, as individuals and a church.

You can hear what Adrian said online:
A large group waving at the camera

What a fantastic crowd! We had extra visitors on the Saturday too

“You've got to let go of the familiar to make space for the future”

Saturday afternoon activities ranged from abseiling to zipwire

“I'm just thankful for the sheer amount of love that has been bestowed from God and through everyone else here”
Going down the zipwire
Playing on a scooter

Our age range spanned nearly a century

A friendly wave
“I've been overwhelmed by the fact that I belong to this family”
Sitting at a camp fire

We had a camp fire by the lake on Saturday night

Examining some wreaths in front of a war memorial sculpture

There was much to reflect on at the neighbouring National Memorial Arboretum

Weekend Away 2011

Most members of Christ Church took part in a residential weekend in September 2011 at the Pioneer Centre, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. It was so popular that some guests had to stay off-site in local hotels or come as day visitors.

The theme of the weekend was Bringing and being Good News and we learned how Jesus gave his followers the power to take his message into the world. We started to explore how we can use that same power to make a difference in our world today.

The weekend also gave us the time to just enjoy being together.

A large room full of people viewed from the back

Every session started with praise and worship

The crowd gathers for the morning session

A large room full of people viewed from the side
People sitting round a table in a dining hall with flags hanging from the ceiling

Mealtimes: So much to enjoy! The dining hall is decorated with flags to reflect the many nationalities who work at the Pioneer Centre

Three people in converstion

There was plenty of time for relaxation, conversation and just being together

A conversation in the lounge
3 musicians playing guitar, bass guitar and keyboard

Guest musicians from Rob's former church led worship

Someone holds a kite while in the distance a group of people hold the rope

Peter brought a kite which some of us flew in a field

Balancing on a wooden beam high in the air
On the zipwire
On the zipwire

Out of the comfort zone: If the talks weren't challenging enough, the facilities of the Pioneer Centre provided more adventure and excitement

Many thanks to everyone who helped to arrange the weekend, and those who led the various activities. It was truly worthwhile!