Youth Encounter 2013: East Africa

Ready to go

Learning more about the plans
Members of the Youth Encounter group wearing special T-shirts

We haven't been there yet, but we've got the T-shirt

A small house in Kenya

One of the houses where the group will stay in rural Kenya

Chris visiting Christ Church from Kenya

Chris: "The young people will have to manage without such luxuries as running water and electricity"

A special Café Church gave us an opportunity to find out more about the Youth Encounter trip and to meet Chris (left) who has done much to organise the team's stay in Kenya. Chris trains university students in Nairobi, but he grew up in the rural area that the team will be visiting.

The village lies right on the equator near Lake Victoria. The young people in the team will be working and teaching in the school attached to the local church.

“This is the first time young people from England will have come to the village. There is lots of excitement”

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