Exploring faith

If you could ask God any question, what would it be?

Starting in January 2016, Muse offers a safe, friendly environment for exploring the big issues of life. You set the agenda: no questions are off limits. Meet in Selly Park Tavern for 5 Thursdays starting on 21 January 2016.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more.

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Alpha Course

Our first Alpha course ran from January to March 2012, with over 20 guests taking part throughout. The discussion group leaders reported a growing mutual respect over the weeks as each of the guests followed their own personal journey.

After the course ended, two of the Alpha discussion groups continued to meet in homes to explore the next steps in faith.

“We wrestled with knotty problems, shared laughs, wondered what was going on and all learned a great deal”

The story was repeated in 2013. Participants appreciated the varied and high-quality meals, and they contributed a wide range of questions and experiences.

In 2014 the sessions were held in a house in Selly Park rather than, as in the first two years, the Christ Church building. The purpose remained the same: to provide an opportunity for anyone to discuss and ask questions about the Christian faith in an informal setting.

When the 2014 Alpha course ended, the group wanted to continue meeting and decided to follow Christianity Explored. We ran this course again in 2015.

At any time of year the Alpha course website has a list of courses running locally, and indeed almost anywhere in the world.

Alpha course poster 2012: Life is worth exploring Alpha course poster: Keep searching Alpha course poster 2014: What am I doing here?

My story: Bridget

As a way of introducing the 2013 Alpha course, Geoff interviewed Bridget about her experience of taking part in our first course earlier in 2012. You can hear what she said using the link below. It's a real encouragement to anyone who is thinking of joining a course or inviting someone else.

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Bridget discussing her experience of the Alpha course

Bridget discussing her experience of the Alpha course

A "chance" encounter

In November 2014 our member Phil Ennis got into conversation with another Christian at a city-wide event.

"He told me that he was passing by a church one day and saw an 'Alpha Course' sign, and he thought, 'I should be going to that'. He said that the Away Day was when he felt his Christian life really took off and he had the assurance that Christ was with him."

As they continued to talk Phil was delighted to discover that this was one of the courses we had held at Christ Church.