Easter 2018 at Christ Church

Easter: Hope of a new dawn

Hope! A future to look forward to. Everything's heading in the right direction. Things are going to work out well. If only...

Real life isn't easy. We face problems now, with the prospect of more in the future. If feels as though hope is an elusive dream. It's the stuff of films and children's stories, but not of everyday life.

Just like us today, the people of Jesus' time had a sense that "this is all there is". He spoke a radical message of hope which changed the life of everyone who received it. Their present, and their future, looked different...

Life-after-life, experienced through him. A future day of justice, where wrongs are put right. Pain and sadness healed, with renewed bodies and minds for those who trust him. A future and a hope for everyone willing to believe him.

Jesus didn't just speak about hope, he lived it out. "I am the resurrection and the life," he said, and on Easter day he proved that it was true. Those who saw him then, those who have met him since, all who have been convinced by his claims, have received transformed lives and new hope for the future.

Jesus rose from the dead. Not everyone believed it then, and they don't now. But if it might be true, and life could be so different if it is, isn't it worth investigating? On Easter Sunday morning, starting at 10.30 at Christ Church, we'll be exploring the claim of Easter further. Why not join us that morning to consider the message of hope this Easter?