Frere family in Kenya 2014

Moffat Bible College, Kijabe, Kenya


Growing Christian leaders

For the next 12 days the family joined Allan Bartlam to help lead the National Training Programme of Kenya Navigators. One of the biggest needs of the churches in Kenya is to train leaders and Allan has participated in many such events over the years. The special focus of this conference was the Old Testament and Bobbie and Peter both led sessions on a wide range of topics: interpreting the creation stories, work and rest, money and wealth, poverty and injustice.

As the only female leader Bobbie found herself talking and praying especially with other women at the conference, both individually and in groups. They valued the opportunity to talk openly about the particular issues that they face.

"It was really challenging and faith-growing to be involved and we enjoyed delivering our sessions. It was also really encouraging to be surrounded by people who were hungry to grow in their knowledge of scripture and of God. It was great to have theological and personal conversations over meals and to get to know the group more and to hear about their ministries and their lives."

Students in training

The study sessions lasted for four hours each morning: Allan worked very hard and led most of them

Worship at the training conference

Note the scarves and hats! The high altitude (2000 metres) and the winter season made it quite cold, despite being on the equator

A game involving blindfolds and shoes

The students loved playing games! The blindfolded contestants are trying to find their team members' shoes


There were quieter moments at the conference

Group photo of everyone at the training conference

The next generation of Kenyan church leaders

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