Frere family in Kenya 2014



The reality of poverty hits home

When the Youth Encounter team visited the previous year, the village kindergarten was temporarily run in the church building. On this occasion the visitors got to see the actual kindergarten building, and Bobbie in particular was moved to tears by what she saw.

The building has unglazed windows and no proper door, so no furniture or equipment can be kept in there. But worse than that is the bare mud floor, which harbours insects that feed on the blood drawn from the children's feet. Chris himself remembered getting infected this way as a child, and it still happens today.

“I really felt that God was laying it on my heart to do something about it”

How much would a proper brick building cost? The answer is around £3,500 to £4,000 and fundraising has started!

Inside the kindergarten: a bare mud floor

Inside the kindergarten

Inside the kindergarten: a rough, unglazed window

Another view inside: the rough window opening is unglazed

Outside the kindergarten

The outside of the kindergarten: this photo was taken during the 2013 Youth Encounter visit

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