Youth Encounter 2013: East Africa

A day at Amani Children's Home

Love and care for street children

Over several years Christ Church has developed links with Amani Children's Home which provides residential and outreach care for children who are homeless or in vulnerable situations.

The team were given a tour of the site by a volunteer who explained how Amani aims to reunite children with their families and prepares them for their future lives.

Arriving at Amani Children's Home

Arriving at Amani

Making a friend

Making friends

“The atmosphere at Amani was full of love and hope. There was such a sense of community there which made me really want to try and replicate it in my life”
An acrobatic display

An amazing display of acrobatics!

A classroom at Amani

Amani has a fast track educational programme to help children who have missed school to catch up

“We learned a lot about the reasons why Amani is needed and the amazing work that it does”
Holding a giant wooden ladle

The children are taught life skills such as cooking and washing up to prepare them for life after they leave

Players on a football pitch

"This is the only football match on our trip we didn't lose -
but only because some of them played in our team"

Playing an outdoor game

Joining in the games: Amani children are full of energy!

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