Youth Encounter 2013: East Africa

“Get us to Africa”

Smart clothes, quality cake... ready to serve afternoon tea

A high-class afternoon tea and cake sale raised over £600

“The afternoon tea was a little oasis of refined calm”
Pouring coffee into a china cup

Best china, best service

Ellen in the kitchen

Behind the scenes, Ellen ensures everything runs smoothly

Chocolate roulade on a dinner table

A chocolate roulade like this one could be yours for just £8

“We began months ago with the daunting task of fundraising and we have been overwhelmed with the generous support of so many”

Creative minds have been at work as the young people signed up for the Youth Encounter trip set about raising the necessary funds.

Young people wearing masks of church leaders

An improbable PCC meeting and a dog with strong views on the Church of England featured in
“Not Valentine's Evening”

A talent show featuring a dog and its owner

Some of the most lucrative efforts have involved food and there has been a ready market in Christ Church, schools and other places for cakes, doughnuts, cranberry sauce and other such offerings.

“I decided to do a sponsored 24 hour fast but my friends said that wasn't long enough, so I had to do 48 hours instead”
A display board giving details of the trip

Telling people why we're doing all this

Stall at a table top sale

Not just food: a table-top sale included arts and crafts and was a good way of recycling clothes, books, toys and games

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