Our first All-In service

Building a tower of Lego bricks

In February 2017 we held our first ever All-In service. People of all ages responded to the theme of God’s love through a range of different activities spread throughout the building.

All together…

We began in the main hall by singing worship songs together, making people out of pipe cleaners, watching a dramatised Bible reading and then listening to a short talk from Matt.

Rachel speaks to the congregation

Rachel introduces the service and explains how it will work

Drama of the creation story

In our drama, Adam and Eve hide from God after eating the forbidden fruit: “Surely he can’t see us if we hide under a lead roof”

Listening to Matt's talk
Young and old ears listening to what is going on

All ears on Matt’s talk: God’s love, not romantic love, is what the world most needs

A community of pipe cleaner people

A community of pipe cleaner people

Still together…

For a while we spread out into six different zones to respond to the theme of God’s love in a variety of ways. Each of us could go to any zone, regardless of age. The main hall was taken up by the noisier activities: Sing, Move and Create.

Instruments and singers gathered around the piano

Singers join in worship songs celebrating God’s love: the sound spread throughout the hall

Making a love heart collage

In the Create zone, working together to create a love heart collage

Building a tower of Lego bricks

In the Move zone, building towers of Lego, wooden bricks and cardboard: remembering that God’s love is higher and stronger than anything we could ever make

A tower of cardboard boxes
A tower of wooden bricks

Those heading for the quieter zones watched a video in the smaller hall. Some joined in a discussion to reflect on the theme, some wrote a personal response in the form of a love letter from God, and others found the quietest spaces they could to think, read and pray.

A discussion group

Responding to God’s love in the Discuss zone. How can we turn love into action? How can we live as people set free by God’s love?

Finally everyone came together again for prayers and a closing song. Afterwards many positive comments and useful suggestions were made. We’re looking forward to the next one!

About All-In

The All-In logo

The All-In concept is based on the idea that different people respond in different ways. Some of us like to talk, some prefer a creative activity, some like to move around, and so on. Unlike an All Age service, when everyone does the same thing together, we are able to do different things, but still be together.

The format of the service has been developed by Big Ministries UK over the last year or so and we have drawn on their experience and resources for our version.

We have two more All-In services planned, for 5 March and 2 April.

The BIG Minstries logo

The finished article…

Rachel with a tower of Lego bricks

Rachel concludes the service, alongside a tower of Lego bricks

The love heart collage complete

The heart collage complete