Art Group: The first 5 years

Steph with one of her paintings at an Art Group exhibition

When Steph Evans ran a short “hints and tips” art course she never imagined that it would turn into a valued weekly activity at Christ Church. Now, 5 years later, she is standing down as leader of Art Group, but the group will continue to meet informally on Friday mornings.

“We all enjoy art as a hobby, but for some of us it’s more than that. When my husband died, I found that it was a way of expressing things that couldn’t be put into words.”

Steph ran a few weekly sessions at Christ Church before Easter 2012 with the aim of passing on some of her love and knowledge of art to others. When these proved popular she decided to continue them, and Art Group was born. New members have joined over the years, and they have grown in skill as well as gaining new friendships and just enjoying being part of a welcoming group that shares a common passion.

Art Group has run several exhibitions and sales, highlighting the wide range and interests of the group’s members.

Over the years Art Group has become an important weekly activity for its members. Meeting on Friday morning, the group shares the hall with Coffee Mates, which adds to the welcoming atmosphere. The group will continue to meet and to be a valued part of what goes on at Christ Church.

Steph with regular Art Group member Sally

Steph with Sally, one of many regular Art Group members

Art Group member Lyn

Steph invited Lyn to join Art Group after meeting her at a low point in her life: “I’ve found it very therapeutic. I like mixing with people of all ages, and it’s a supportive community. Everyone tries to help everyone else along.”

Art Group in session on a Friday morning

Art Group in session on a sunny Friday morning

A mosaic of a fish

Annie’s first attempt at painting on glass looked like a failure… until she recycled the pieces into this mosaic

Moving on…

In summer 2017 Steph decided to step down from her leadership role. She is not “retiring” but has plans to develop other art activities nearer to where she now lives. She leaves with our thanks for establishing Art Group and being such an encouragement to its members.

Steph with a picture painted on an old door

Steph finds a creative use for an old door

Art Group will continue! Its members will carry on meeting on Friday mornings alongside Coffee Mates, though without formal leadership.