Autumn courses 2016

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This autumn Christ Church ran several short courses on a range of topics to help us to grow in discipleship.

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The Bible Course


This is a shortened form of the Bible Society’s Bible Course, focusing only on the Old Testament. The aims are to look at the big picture, to learn about skills and tools to study the Bible, and to help each other to read and apply the Bible to life.

The course is suitable for seekers and Christians of any level of experience.

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Different ways of praying


This course will take a look at a variety of ways to pray and give an opportunity to try them individually and in groups. It will include praying with our life, with our imagination, in stillness and silence and with art.

The course is led by Andrea Parker who, while living in Bolivia, established a ministry of writing, organising and leading spiritual retreats.

Relating our faith in uncertain times


We live in a time of great anxiety about the future, when so many of the old certainties have broken down and we see dangers all around us. The aim of this course is to help us grow in confidence in the message that Jesus gave us and to equip us to share the Good News with those around us.

The course will include reasons for sharing what we believe, what the Gospel has to offer to people today, and how we can speak and listen to our friends and contacts in a way that helps us to communicate our story.

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Friendship First


Those of us who live in Birmingham encounter Muslims possibly every day: as friends, neighbours, work colleagues, at the school gates, at the local shop. How should we feel about them? A threat to our way of life? Fellow-believers in the one true God? Should we talk to them about Jesus?

The Friendship First course is offered by the inter-
denominational mission agency Interserve, and takes us on a journey of discovery into the faith and practice of Muslim people.