Firm Foundations

Concrete base of the Christ Church building

Foundations matter! Without them, a building will eventually collapse. The Firm Foundations course is for anyone who feels that the foundations of their faith need laying or strengthening. Weekly sessions run on Mondays from February to April.

The Firm Foundations course is practical and interactive, running over six Mondays from 7.45 to 9.15 pm. The dates are: February 22 and 29, March 14 and 21, April 4 and 25.

The aim is to help you grow and live as a disciple of Jesus. The topics are:

  • Being sure
  • The Bible
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Church
  • Transformation
  • Discipleship

Please contact us if you want to find out more or take part in the course – or just come along.

“I’m finding it really exciting looking at God’s promises, asking the questions I never asked, finding the foundations of a faith I’ve had since I was a child but had begun to lose sight of”
Allan Bartlam

The Firm Foundations course is led by Allan Bartlam

Firm Foundations image

Promoting the course

Artistic doodle: Justified - put right with God

The first session led participant Cheryl to draw this artistic doodle in her notebook