New Wine Summer Gathering 2014

The Urban Impact venue at night

A 6-strong group from Christ Church spent a week at the New Wine Summer Gathering in Somerset. This annual event includes praise, worship, teaching, seminars, prayer, healing and more, all with a focus on how God is changing people and communities.

We were among many thousands camping on the site, which enabled us to be together as a group and to live alongside so many other Christians who had come with the same purpose. The huge variety of events in the different venues meant that there was something of special relevance to each of us.

There were many opportunities to pray for others and to be prayed for, and hearing stories from people whose lives were changed during the week and in the past was a great encouragement.

It was good to meet up with people and organisations with whom we have existing and developing relationships, including CMS, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and Compassion UK, and many others who share our values and interests.

Outside the Arena at New Wine 2014

The Arena (above) – the largest venue – was packed each evening for worship, teaching and prayer. The events in the smaller (but still huge) Urban Impact venue focused especially on stories of transformation in inner city areas

Looking into the Urban Impact venue at New Wine 2014

A grand day out

A view over the Somerset countryside

On a free day in the programme our group headed confidently away from the site but soon took a wrong turning which led to a long detour… and the discovery of an excellent pub for lunch. Another change of plan brought us to the Ebbor Gorge nature reserve where those of us who were willing to make a strenuous climb were rewarded with a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.

A message from on high

An airborne message: Kathryn I love you - will you marry me?

There was much excitement and speculation when a light aircraft circled around the site towing this very public message. It later emerged that Kathryn said yes – let’s just hope it was the right one!

Outside the Tearfund venue at New Wine 2014

The Tearfund venue hosted a café, seminars on social justice issues, a comedy night and more

“The main reason I go to New Wine is to meet with God. This happens through the prayer, ministry, worship, teaching, friendships, networking, camping, basic facilities and even through the weather. Every year I am able to deal with past events, receive healing, and gain encouragement and vision for the future”

The joys (and pains) of camping

Our pitch was close to the main site venues and we had ready access to water, toilets and showers. Some of us still struggled a bit, especially on the one day of heavy rain. Special thanks to Chris Turner for lending us the gazebo, and to the couple in the caravan next door who lent us equipment when we needed it.

Sitting round a table in a gazebo

Camping by day

Group inside a gazebo around a lantern

Evening falls

The Moon shining over the site at night

Camping by night

“I love to see how God works out the things He has said and done at the Summer Gathering. My life has changed in significant ways as a result of meeting God in this way. I know many others can say the same. What happens at New Wine also affects churches and whole communities”