Frere family in Kenya 2014

With the leaders of the African Interior Church

The Frere family spent 3 weeks in Kenya building on the links forged in last year’s Youth Encounter visit, enjoying many memorable experiences and discovering some specific needs that the rest of us could help to meet.

Under construction

A particularly hard-hitting experience was to visit the village kindergarten and discover that it has no proper windows, door or floor… and worse still, the insects living in the bare mud floor infect the feet of the children who go in there.

“It broke my heart… I felt that God was telling me to do something about this”
Inside the kindergarten: a bare mud floor

Inside the kindergarten

Enquiries revealed that a few thousand pounds would be enough to pay for a proper, healthy brick building. Fundraising has begun!

Meanwhile, the church at Ebunangwe has already started work on constructing a new building, but progress is made only when money and materials come in.

A new church building under construction

The church at Ebunangwe is working on a new building

One of the biggest needs of the church in Kenya is for trained leaders. For two weeks the Frere family joined with Allan Bartlam to help build up the next generation of leaders.

Future church leaders in training

Future church leaders in training

There was an opportunity to work in the garden alongside Care of Creation, which develops and promotes environmentally friendly farming practices that can benefit everyone in Kenya.

Watering a sapling

Caring for creation

The full story of the visit is on our main website. Here are some of the highlights…


Can you imagine all the children at a school turning up on a Saturday to welcome visitors from abroad? They did in Kenya! They were thrilled to welcome back a member of the 2013 Youth Encounter team who had visited the previous year – and this time he had brought the rest of the family.

A crowd at the school all waving

A warm welcome to our school

Chris Amulo, who had done so much to set up last year’s Youth Encounter visit as well as this one, took the family to his home village and introduced them to some of his relatives.

Family group outside a house in Chris Amulo's village

Outside a house in Chris Amulo’s village

The church at Ebunangwe were also pleased to welcome more visitors from Christ Church as a sign of the growing link between us.

With the Bishop at the front of the church

It’s great to be back

“I’m so glad you’re here.” So a young student greeted Bobbie at the start of a 2-week training event focusing on the Old Testament. Bobbie and Peter both led sessions, and Allan Bartlam led many more. It wasn’t just about learning, but sharing experiences and lives too.

Group photo of everyone at the training conference

Group photo at the training conference