African Encounter: Jack in Mozambique

Jack at a school in Kenya

Two years after visiting Kenya and Tanzania as part of the Youth Encounter team, Jack is returning to Africa in summer 2015 to spend a few weeks working alongside a Christian mission agency in Mozambique. Before leaving he told Christ Church about his plans and motivation.

Love Mozambique

Working in a culture that does not always value the place of children and women, Love Mozambique has a special focus on providing security and training for both groups, and in building up churches that love God and show it by putting these values into practice. Find out more on their website.

Love Mozambique: Working with children

Working with children…

Love Mozambique: Working with women

Working with women

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I’m going to Mozambique to meet some missionaries that my grandparents have known and supported for 20 years. Francois and Alta are South Africans and they lead an organisation called Love Mozambique. I met them in November last year and I was inspired by the work they did and wanted to go there and get involved myself.

I went on the Youth Encounter trip to Kenya and Tanzania two years ago and really enjoyed it. I loved the people I met in Africa and I want to spend more time with them, get to know their culture and find out what life is like for people who are living in poverty and struggling just to get food and water each day.

Love Mozambique build schools and train teachers and provide for the children’s health and other needs. They teach women to read and write and give them a purpose in society. They plant churches and supply Bibles to Christians who don’t have them. I hope to get involved in all these things and see how God will use me in the situations I’m put in.

I’ll be away for 7 weeks altogether, flying to Mozambique after my exams are over. I expect to be travelling around quite a lot, including a 5 day trip to Congo.

It will be a challenge being away from home and other English people for so long, and meeting many kinds of people who speak lots of different languages. I ask for prayer for good communication and also for good health. My biggest prayer is that God will use me and that I’ll see him at work there in all the unexpected things that are bound to happen.

Jack in an African secondary school

The future of a nation! The 2013 Youth Encounter team spent a lot of time in schools